Can Sausages Cause Cancer?


A lot of us love it, as a matter of fact, it has become a very important addition into many meals, especially our Nigerian fried rice, but are they safe? Some people even search “can sausage cause cancer”

Dr Chinonso Egemba had a few thoughts on them on his Twitter page below

“If you can, take your shawarma without sausages at all, it’s healthier. Sausages, hot dogs, corned beef, are classified as Group 1 carcinogens. Processed meat generally. What does this mean? There is STRONG evidence that they can cause cancer. In the same group as tobacco


The evidence is so strong that Tobacco (cigarettes or shisha) are in the same category as processed meats Does this mean it is as dangerous as Tobacco? Not necessarily, it just means that the scientific evidence that it causes cancer is strong Red meat was placed in Group 2A


Does this mean you should stop eating meat? Cut down your intake of processed meats, or stop altogether Some of these meats contain chemicals during the processing like N-nitroso compounds Suya is not safe either as the burning can form polyaromatic hydrocarbons which are harmful


Emeka will soon jump on this thread to say Aproko Doctor is destroying businesses. Do what you will with this information, I eat shawarma, but I have removed sausages from mine. No be me go tell you wetin to do.


It took 22 experts from 10 countries, working on more than 800 studies on cancer to come up with these findings but Emeka from Ebute Meta will tell you that his neighbour has been eating sausages for 8 years and does not have cancer, which makes them wrong. Eat healthily, eat safe


When we say something increases the chances of having a certain illness, think of it as having a loaded gun pressed against your head. Anything can happen simply because that gun is loaded, removing the unhealthy practices removes the bullets. I hope it makes sense.


After reading his thoughts, what do you think? Would you pay attention to the amount of processed meat that you consume?

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  1. yes I will, I love hot dog and a friend sell it so I eat it alot ….sometime 5 in a day and I end up feeling sick ….I told her and she wanted to stop selling it what is your advice to those selling it…. for me I have stopped taking it

  2. So educating and captivating! Please try and be adding more pidgin english to other articles too, it’s what actually keeps some lazy readers like myself glued to the end!
    Thanks for the info!

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