All You Need to Know About Genital Warts

What Causes Genital Warts

Human Papillomavirus causes genital warts, which are common sexually transmitted infection (HPV).
It can be spread through skin-to-skin contact with someone who already has HPV on their skin.
During vaginal and anal sex, it can be passed from person to person. 
Some strains of this virus is responsible for cancer of the throat, however, this can be rare.

How Do I Know I Have Genital Warts?

If you have genital warts, you may notice lumps or growths that were not previously present around your vagina, penis, or anus. You can, however, carry the virus responsible without developing warts.


You may develop symptoms years after coming into contact with the virus. It is impossible to know when you were exposed to HPV. Here are some symptoms of some STIs.


Warts are more likely to appear or reappear during pregnancy due to a shift in how the immune system handles the virus. Note that pregnancy reduces immunity to a certain extent.


  • Genital warts grow very slowly and take weeks to months to appear after they’ve been contacted sexually
  • They might get bigger with time and might spread to nearby skin when you scratch or shave
  • Sometimes they disappear completely eventually or shrink. Since this is an infectious condition, it might take up to two years for the immune system to clear it. On the other hand, the infection might remain dormant (without any visible skin growths) for life.


genital warts


How Do I Treat Genital Warts?

A qualified doctor or nurse must prescribe treatment for genital warts.

The type of treatment you’ll receive is determined by how severe the warts are.  There are 3 main treatment options

  • Cream
  • Freezing it off
  • Surgery

When cream or freezing fails, surgery is usually the last option

They can be removed by doctor by cutting, burning, or lasering the warts
This is usually only recommended if the warts are not responding to cream or are too large to be frozen. Some side effects are bleeding or infection from the procedure.
Please, note that warts can come back after treatment, so it is important that you keep your immune system as optimal as possible. If you smoke, we advise you to stop as it can affect your immunity.

How Can I Reduce My Chances of Contacting Genital Warts?

  1. Wear a condom for oral, vaginal and anal sex
  2. Make sure your partner is free from it, you can contact genital warts even if you wear a condom
  3. Vaccinate yourself against the HPV virus.

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