Too Much Screen Time Might Affect Your Baby’s Brain

As of the time of this post, most children are born into a world filled with gadgets and screens. I can assure you that you can see a child with a phone or a tablet everywhere you turn to. Granted, technology has its pros and cons. At least in the cities, a good number of […]

Why You Should Not Give Your Babies Honey


There are certain cultures in Nigeria especially in the western part that involve putting honey in the mouth of babies, also, some mothers wrongly believe that giving their babies honey will make them smarter, on the other hand, it can seriously harm them, and here’s why: Two words: Infant Botulism What is Infant Botulism? Infant […]

Lifting Children from their Hands can Dislocate their Elbow

There is a common practice to see parents, nannies and caregivers, lift children from their hands, this practice can lead to dislocation of one of the bones in the elbow joint leading to a condition known as Nursemaid’s elbow or what your doctor will call a radial head subluxation, (a subluxation is simply a partial […]

Why your baby boy’s urine does not flow well

Some times baby boys are born with an extra flap of tissue in the tube that leads out of the bladder called the urethra, it is unclear why exactly this happens, but sometimes genetics may be at fault here. This extra flap prevents urine from properly leaving the body, as other children without this flap […]

Help!!! My child just drank kerosene!

  Kerosene poisoning is quite a common health hazard amongst children at home in this part of the world. This is because of our dependence on these fuels for quite a number of functions in the home. It is a common habit for kerosene to be kept in empty water/ drinks bottles and being a […]

What to do when your child has a fever and is convulsing

Febrile seizures are convulsions that can happen when a young child has a fever above 38°C. These seizures usually last for a few minutes and stop on their own. Even though they may look serious, they usually do not cause any other health problems. Febrile seizures are “provoked” seizures and do not mean that the […]

Why you should not use cotton buds to clean your ears

From cotton buds to candles, to feathers and broomsticks, these are just some of the things that people put into their ears   Putting anything inside your ear is a bad idea. Your ears will clean themselves when you yawn or even when you chew, and most of the time, they don’t need your help […]

What To Do When A Child Is Choking

I want to Watch Rather than Read Then click here now   Babies put a lot of things into their mouths That’s why they are babies, some believe it’s a way they learn and interact with their environment, it is also known as oral fixation. This makes it very likely for them to get an […]

How to Protect Your Newborn Baby


Parents should do the following to reduce the risk of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome): This is the unexplained death of a baby less than one year of age Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep—for naps and at night. The back sleep position is the safest, and every sleep time counts, […]