6 Signs You Might Be Pregnant Early Enough

Some of you have asked the question, “Am I pregnant?”


The first sign of a pregnancy is a missed period, but sometimes you can miss your period without being pregnant, most cycles are within 21 to 40 days, any shorter or longer could be abnormal.

But some people do not have regular periods, some people go as much as two months without having a period, so how do you tell you might be pregnant especially in the early months?


  • Tender or Swollen Breasts

This tends to happen very early in pregnancy, but can also happen in premenstrual syndrome but in pregnancy, the area surrounding your nipples might be darker or larger. Also, there might be some tingling in your breasts as well as some veins that are now visible.


  • Changes in your Smell or Taste

You may notice you’re now sensitive to odours, smells that were usually normal tend to irritate you, perfumes, coffee etc. Some people notice a weird taste in their mouths and tend to salivate more


  • Bleeding from the Vagina

Implantation bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg attaches, or implants, to the uterine lining, usually occurs between weeks and 4, or 10 to 14 days after conception. 
That’s usually around the time your period arrives, or just before. Some people mistake it for a period
But there are some differences between it and a normal period.
  1. There will be very little blood, typically not enough to fill tampon, pad, or cup.
  2. Rather than being bright red, the blood is often brown or pink.
  3. It may cause some pelvic pain or cramping, or you may experience no pain at all.


  • Nausea

This does not happen to everyone and not everyone will vomit, but it seems to be pretty common and starts very early in pregnancy.

Our movies here have ingrained into our minds that nausea and vomiting is a confirmation of pregnancy. This might not happen to everyone.


  • Increased Urination

For some people, they notice that they begin to pee a lot during early pregnancy, but others complain of constipation,

On the 4th week, you might be peeing a lot more, you might also feel bloated


  • How to Know For Sure

The best way to confirm if you are actually pregnant is to test, the urine test. We think you should do it before you’ve had any water, as your urine will be most concentrated at that time and will pick reactants faster.

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