Sleeping with your contact lenses can lead to blindness

A lot of people do not wear their contact lenses properly, this can lead to serious infections

Why do we wear them? primarily to help us see better, for some others, to help us look better, they have become an accessory, an add-on.

But according to the CDC, almost 99% of people who wear them, do not wear them correctly, and this can lead to serious eye infections, that is not all, it is also said that one in every five of those infections can be serious enough to cause blindness

When they are worn correctly, they are very helpful, but not wearing them can lead to serious eye infections. For instance, the case of a man, we will call him Kevin, who can no longer see out of one eye because he wore contact lenses for a long period of time and the infection destroyed the out covering of his eye, called the cornea

Common mistakes people wearing them make.

  1. Sleeping in contact lenses that were not designed for sleep
  2. Not changing contact lenses when they are expired
  3. Wearing them for too long (continuing to wear them after they have expired can put you at risk of serious infections
  4. Topping the solutions used to disinfect them instead of completely changing them, this by far is the most dangerous mistake
  5. Showering while wearing their contact lenses

The mixed solution caused by topping off the fluids can reduce the solution’s ability to fight infections and this can lead to infections, we recommend completely emptying the old solution before adding a new solution, you should also replace the cases of your contacts every few months

What should you do?

There are 4 main things you should or should not do to reduce the chances of having severe eye infections

  1. Never sleep in your contact lenses
  2. Do not add used solution to new solutions, you reduce the germ-killing power of the solutions
  3. Do not use them beyond what is prescribed by your doctor, people who do not replace their contacts tend to report more eye problems than does who do not
  4. Do not shower in your contact lenses, they allow bacteria from the bathwater to get into the lenses and cause infections


When should you see a doctor?

If you have pain, redness or pus in your eye while wearing contacts, it is very important to take off the contacts immediately and see a doctor immediately

If you wait, you may not be too lucky

“Kevin” will need a corneal transplant to use his eye again


  1. Pls I want to ask , why exactly will contacts lead to blindness?,cuz I know a lot of people who do it and are fine. I don’t sleep off with my contacts but I occasionally doze off with them on

    • The poor practice by many people can seed these infections, however, sleeping in them can amplify these organisms causing them to multiply and infect the eye, this infection can lead to scarring of the cornea which can lead to blindness


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